Photo by Jen Danson Photography


Meet Carter Clark. He’s 14 years old and has both Down’s Syndrome and Autism. He’s also a heck of a nice kid who deserves to be safe if he ever has to interact with law enforcement or first responders.

That’s where comes in. 

Our concept is simple; to create and distribute a distinct yellow silicone rubber wrist-band that immediately identifies special needs persons to law enforcement and first responders so they are treated with special care.  

Each bracelet will have a unique ID number which can be looked up at which will contain vital information (only accessible to vetted authorized persons) about the person such as his/her handicap, name and medical history as well as emergency contact information, if needed. 

Layers Luxury Salon is the exclusive creator and founder of and will be donating a portion of every Salon service we perform to this cause. The website will be launching shortly. 

By simply patronizing Layers, you’ll be helping special needs persons just like Carter. So go ahead and schedule your service today.   

For questions about, to partner with us or to donate to the cause directly please call (804) 282-8172 or contact us here.